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Welcome on-board!

 This blog is developed for publishing material (photos, videos, worksheets presentations etc.)  related to the participation of five European High Schools from Greece, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in EPEC ERASMUS+/KA2 project (Education Profession and European Citizenship ID number 20161EL01KA219023428_1.


Alikianos General High: A small presentation about our school

This is a small presentation about the Alikianos General High, sited in Crete, Greece

Transnational Meeting in Budapest: Wellcome photo-album

Photo album of the first day in BGSZC Eotvos, for the EPEC Project ERASMUS+ KA2, 2016-18 Transnational meeting

Student's meeting in Greece: The photo-album

Some photos of the 5th Student's Meeting in Alikianos - Crete - Greece, 18-23 April 2018

Promo Video for Crete 1

Watch this funny story about Cretan hospitality!

Promo video for Crete II

Is it possible for an enthousiast film director to make an "Around the world in 80 days" movie in just one island? See for yourself...;-)